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20 09 2010

I presented via Skype at The New York State Educational Media/Technology Association Conference on Wednesday September 22, 2010. I talked about how we use Kindles at the Plymouth Regional High School library. Please let me know if you have questions.

I have attached the video, in case you missed the presentation and would like to have seen it:




6 responses

15 10 2010
Brendan Fallon

Thank you for posting your video on Kindles in the library. It’s was great – good, useable information.

21 10 2010
Mary Johanik

I am so glad you explained the process to getting and using Kindles in a library setting. By the end of this year I hope to have a few in our library!

12 11 2010
Amy Price

I read your article in Library Media Connection. It was a great article! This video is also helpful as well.

Just a quick question: How do students find out what titles are on the Kindles? Do you have that information in your circulation automation system and/or on your IPAC?

Again, thanks for providing this information! You and Kathy Parker are the only ones I know that are using Kindles in the library and publicizing it so the rest of us can learn. Thank you!

14 11 2010

We do not have the titles in our catalog. The titles are obviously listed on the Kindles themselves and on our Amazon account. Because we still have gift cards attached to our Kindles, we tell our users that if they can’t find the title they are looking for on the Kindle then they are welcome to add it.
We started listing the titles in the 505 field of the Kindle MARC record (in our catalog)- but we honestly could not keep up with the new titles that were constantly being added.

12 11 2010
Amy Price

Just thought of another question as soon as I hit the “Submit” button! 🙂

Did you look at any other eReaders before deciding on the Kindle? For example, the Nook? If so, what made you choose the Kindle?

14 11 2010

We ordered the Kindles last fall- before the iPad and the Nook came out. The Sony eReaders had just come out. We decided to go with Kindle because it was the most popular and most common device at the time. We like to have the tools that our students are actually asking for. Last fall, nobody was asking for a Sony eReader but most of our users knew what Kindles were. Good luck with your decision!

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