Librarians as Leaders

23 01 2014
Ever since the School Library JournalLeadership Summit in Austin TX I’ve been thinking about school librarians as leaders. At the summit we talked a lot about challenges and opportunities facing school librarians. My favorite quote from the conference was when ALA President Barbara Stripling said “We need teach more and librarian less.”
I created this checklist on my flight home, while trying to absorb everything we heard.
I encourage you to read through these questions and consider your role as a leader:
  •  Is there a librarian on the Professional Development committee? District Reading Team? Technology Committee?
  • Do you meet regularly with your administrators?

  • How can we improve access to resources (ebooks, databases, what else?) for teachers, students, and the community?

  • How can we make the Common Core easier for everyone?

  • What is best for our students and how can we achieve that?

  • How do we maintain our currency?

  • How can we show administrators examples of our success?

  • How does this differ between elementary/middle/ and high schools?
  • How can we all take on more leadership roles (with a perspective on using technology and digital information literacy) in our districts and schools?
We need to be indispensable to our schools and our districts. Are you indispensable?



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