My Knowledge Quest Guest Editor Adventure

8 03 2014

This morning my podcast interview was posted on the Knowledge Quest website. I began to reflect on the whole experience and wanted to share it. I was invited to be the Guest Editor of the March/April 2014 Library Spaces issues of Knowledge Quest (KQ) in January of 2013.

My first assignment was to begin contacting librarians and inviting them to write for the issue on a subject related to Library  Spaces. I contacted 17 librarians and had 17 article proposals by spring 2013. Our deadline for finished articles was November 2013, so I asked my authors to submit articles to me by August. Most of them came in on time. A few needed several reminders. One needed an extension (and I was glad to have the time to allow it). Some of the authors needed some slight revisions.


Next, I wrote my guest editor article based on the inspiration of the articles I received. It felt empowering reading the articles from librarians all over the country focused on student learning and needs from different perspectives.

When all articles and images were submitted I found out that we had too much for a single issue- so I chose several high-interest articles to create as exclusive online content. Those articles will be indexed with the issue.

I also worked with the manager editor for KQ and the KQ board in creating a Twitter hashtag. I realized that anytime I’ve ever gone into a library I’ve always seen at least one great idea on a way to create library spaces. I’m hoping that librarians will share their own brilliant library spaces with the rest of us on Twitter using the #aaslkq hashtag.

The last two steps happened quickly: I suggested 5 librarians to do the 30 seconds on leadership video clips for the online issue and then I was interviewed for the podcast.

I’m most proud of the number of NH librarians featured in this issue. Some of the most exciting articles are written by Jessica Gilcreast, Ray Palin, and Caitlin Ahearn. I hope everyone enjoys the issue and tweets some fun library space ideas to #aaslkq.

Let me know what you think of this issue!




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