Top 5 Things I Saw at #ALAMW15

9 02 2015

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Top 5 Things I Saw at #ALAMW15

5. Watching hundreds of librarians freaking out over book awards: What a sight to be seen! If you get the chance, go to the ALA Youth Media Awards.


4. Chicago is fun: amazing architecture, friendly people, and beautiful art.


3. But when it snows… it snows!! We had over a foot of cold blowing snow!


2. Meeting up with librarians from all over the country is one of the best parts of ALA! Sabrina Carnesi, Pam Renfrow, Marlene Woo-Lun, Dorcas Hand, Hilda Weisburg, and so many others!

The librarians from Region 1 are smart, funny, and filled with great ideas! It was great to spend time with Susan Ballard, Jessica Gilcreast, Amy Short, Kathy Lowe, Judi Paradis, and Anita Cellucci.

1. School Librarians Transform Learning! At the AASL Affiliates Assembly planning session, we were given buttons that said “Ask Me How School Librarians Transform Learning” and business cards with several elevator speech ideas. We will be handing out copies of the business cards at the NHSLMA Conference in May!


MassCUE: Library Space Revival

23 10 2014



  • LibGuides:
  • 123D Design:
  • Explain Everything:
  • Online Newsstand:
  • Library Reports:
  • Putting Dewey on a Diet:


MassCUE: Are Your Students Research Ready?

21 10 2014


masscueWednesday October 22, 2014 11:30am – 12:25pm

Gillette Stadium Red Level 10 East Side

Research Ready links:

Google Scholar Links:


LibGuide with more Information, documents, and templates

Analyzing Evidence:


Sink or Swim: Will Your Students Rise to the Challenge of College-Level Research

13 11 2013

Elaine Allard & Pam Harland are presenting “Sink or Swim: Will Your Students Rise to the Challenge of College-Level Research?”

Friday, November 15
3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Our links are all available here:

AASL: Rising to the Challenge

10 11 2013

I’m very excited to speak at AASL’s National Conference in Hartford, CT this week.

I’m presenting with Elaine Allard from Plymouth State University’s Lamson Library and Learning Commons. Our presentation is listed here:

Concurrent Sessions

Friday, November 15
3:15 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Sink or Swim: Will Your Students Rise to the Challenge of College-Level Research? (F4-R17)

School librarians who have taught their high school students to search databases, evaluate resources, and cite their sources may still wonder whether learners are really ready to perform at the college level. A high school and college librarian team up to provide strategies school librarians can use to prepare students for the increased complexity, diversity, and expectations in any college-level research environment.

Pam Harland, School Librarian
Elaine Allard, Associate Professor 

Teaching & Learning – Information Literacy

Target Audience:
School Librarians; Classroom Teachers; Library Supervisors; Public Librarians working with Children and Young Adults

Grade Level(s):

Our links are all available here:

Our slides will be available as PDF download on AASL eCOLLAB:

We will embed our slides on this page as soon as they are ready!


Summer Summit Presentation: CIA 2014

13 08 2013

ciaSeveral school librarians and I are meeting together at Portsmouth High School on August, 14, 2013 for an informal presentation and discussion on how librarians can help teachers meet the Common Core through content curation, transmedia resources, and even breaking up with Dewey.

These are links to resources we discussed:


15 05 2013


I’m excited to attend NHSLMA13, R/Evolution: Thriving in the Information Age on Thursday May 16th and Friday May 17th. The Mountain View Grand Resort promises to be a spectacular location for this conference.

New Hampshire’s school librarians are some of the most creative, inventive, progressive, and hard-working librarians I know (and yes, I am biased). I look forward to hearing from Susan Ballard and Gail Dickinson (yes, president and president-elect of AASL will be in the house).

I will be speaking on Friday about creating learning spaces in your library. As always, I look forward to the questions at the end of my talk. I’m always so interested to hear what people wanted to know more about. I’m prepared to answer a lot of questions about my recent break-up with Dewey.

My presentation is Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 in the Roosevelt Room and is titled:

Creating User-Centered Spaces in Your Library
The user-centered school library encourages peer-to-peer learning, experimentation, and collaboration with some of the key innovations that are revolutionizing education, information, and the creation of digital media. This library space provides all users with a laboratory to create projects and experiment with new types of learning devices, resources, and tools, especially those that blend the virtual with the physical. The print collection continues to thrive in a “Dewey-Lite” system of display and organization.

Follow along with my presentation on your own device:

Here are additional links that may come in handy: