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Revitalizing Your Library Space to Enhance Your Library Program

Selected links from my presentation:

My Twitter:

Today’s Meet:

Today’s Padlet:

Great quote (libraries are like kitchens, not grocery stores):

Libraries have Transitioned from here to here (Appleton Public Library):


Weeding Library Collections (via ALA)

Titlewise Analysis:


Library Thing’s Classification Project:

Darien Public Library’s System:



Google Alerts:

Online Newsstand:

User Experience Articles in Library Journal:

Funding Resources:

Walmart Community Grants:

Get Ed Funding:

Edutopia’s Grant Resrouces:


3D Printer Grant:

Another 3D Printer Grant:

Library Specific Grants:

TechSandbox Tools:

10 Port Charging Station by GearMo:

Make QR Codes here:

Library Space/Learning commons Information:

Green Mountain Union High School Learning Commons:

The Learning Commons Mindset:

Transforming Space:

Riverside Elementary School Learning Commons:


Create the Library of Your Dreams (via SLJ):

American Libraries 2014 Library Design Showcase: (Watch for the 2015 issue in September):


Modular White boards:

Smart Kapp

Dry Erase Thought Bubbles:

Copernicus 3D Printer Cart:

Makey Makey Group Activity Guides:

Make It @ Your Library:
Lego Digital Designer:

Build with Chrome:
Little Bits:
Sew Electric:
Stop Motion Lego Vines:
Q-BA Marble Runner Maze Kits:
Goldie Blox Kits:>

Makey Makey Kits:

Lego Kits:

Newton’s Innovation Lab:

Makerbot Replicator Fifth Generation 3D Printer:
LibGuide on Sanborn’s 3D Printer:

Makerspace Program Ideas:

Genius Bar Information:

Student Run Genius Bar at Hilliard City School (OH):

Student Run Genius Bar (MN):

Digital Passport by Common Sense Media:

Genius Hour:

Free 3D Software Design Tools:

3D Design Tutorials:

Introduction to Blender for Kids:
SketchUp Tutorials:
How to Use 123D Design:

Free 3D Design Sites:

Shark Tank LibGuide:

Wonder Bubbles Lesson Plan:

LibGuides to Check Out:
Sanborn Regional High School Library:

Brookfield Elementary School:

Symbaloos to Check Out:

Library Symbaloo:

The New York State Teacher Centers and the New York Institute of Technology have partnered with SymbalooEDU to support districts and teachers:

Scoop.Its to Check Out:

My Scoop.It:

Dr. Laura Sheneman’s Scoop.It:

Screencasting/Tutorial Makers:


Status of Women Worldwide Project:
Elementary Library Virtual Tour:
Multiple Intelligences Technology Tools:


Teleprompter Tools:

INFLUX: User Experience Library Website Remodel:

Library Space Basics:

Colors for Learning:

Learning, Lighting, and Color:

Discover Lighting:

Not Old School Video:

H3 Youth-Centered Library Spaces:

High Impact School Library Spaces (Get This Book!)

My favorite furniture vendor:

YALSA Teen Space Guidelines:

Quiet in the Library:

Egg Chairs for Sale:

INFLUX Less Clutter, More Useful:

Thesis Building Tools:

How to Do Research for Primary Grades (from Kentucky!):

Worksheets for Primary Grades:

Sanborn’s Research Guides:

How to Connect Google Scholar to Your EBSCO account: Go to Google Scholar Support for Librarians and follow the directions: Go to EBSCO Support for Google Scholar and follow the directions:

Evaluating Sources:


LibGuide on the CRAAP Test:

“Truth Be Told: How College Students Evaluate and Use Information in the Digital Age,” Alison J. Head and Michael B. Eisenberg, Project Information Literacy Progress Report, University of Washington’s Information School, November 1, 2010.

Fooled by the Onion:

Lessons for Common Sense Media on Information Literacy:

Mini Expert Research Lesson Plan from Cherie Smeltzer:

Mini Expert Research Lesson Videos from Cherie Smeltzer:

Make Talking Pictures:


Understanding Close Reading Infographic:

Report Examples:

Additional Reading:

The Learning Commons (book):

Knowledge Quest Library Spaces issue: (you must be an AASL member to read)

Images of Library Spaces:

Using Purple in the Library:


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